Thank you to everyone who particapted!  Please send your pictures to fclbtournament@gmail.com

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All postgame team huddles must be done off the field to keep the games moving.

Additional Information

Other important notes for the tournament weekend

  • Each venue will have a Field Marshal station for team check in, please take your Player ID cards to the field Marshal at least 45 min before the first game. 
  • We are accepting 2022-23 and/or 2023-2024 Player ID Cards. All cards must have photos and be laminated
  • We will have match reports with your roster already printed for you at the field.  If you were not able to type in your roster on-line, please allow a little time to write in your player names at the field.  
  • If you are at a school venue (Marshall MS or Bancroft MS) please let your parents know there are no dogs allowed at the school venues.  The public parks allow dogs.
  • Admiral Park – if you are playing here, there are NO chairs or pop-ups allowed due to turf field.  There is also a strict water only policy.
  • Molina Park – strict water only policy, no sports drinks or food due to turf.


Heartwell Park Field Complex

Heartwell Park Field Complex

Marshall Middle School Fields

Marshall Middle School Fields

Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules



FC Long Beach Summer Invitational is a Class I & III tournament open to all Boys & Girls U7-U19 teams affiliated with USClub/CalSouth/USYS. We are following Fall 2023-2024 guidelines for age groups for brackets. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept or deny any application. 


Games shall be played by FIFA Rules as modified by US Club and the tournament. All decisions, judgments and rulings of the tournament referees and tournament officials are final. NO PROTESTS WILL BE ENTERTAINED OR ALLOWED. 

● July 29-30, 2023

● Fields in Long Beach and the surrounding areas 

● Boys U7 through U19 (2023-2024 age groups) (Born 2005 through 2017) ● Girls U7 through U19 (2023-2024 age groups) (Born 2005 through 2017) ● Awards to all players from Champion and Finalist teams 

● 3 game minimum 

● Unlimited loan players 



Check-in: Teams will check in 1 hour prior to their 1st game at the site’s designated location. Check-in Items required: 

● USClub/CalSouth/USYS National Affiliates Player Cards (with photos) 

● A completed and signed Tournament Roster Form 

● Teams traveling from outside of Cal-South/Cal-North must bring the approved Travel Permission Document certified by their appropriate home association 


● Open to all Boys & Girls (Born 2005 through 2017) teams affiliated with USCLUB/CalSouth/USYS ● B2005 and G2005 with valid 2022-23 player cards are eligible for B/G U19. ● Bracketing (IMPORTANT) is based on next season's age groups: the 2023-2024 season ● Coaches must be licensed and in possession of a current coaching card ● The coach or team administrator must attest to the accuracy of their roster and cards by signing the tournament roster form 

● Players can NOT play on more than one team in this tournament 

● Teams may use unlimited, eligible loan players 

● Rosters are limited to 15 players for 2014-2017 (7v7) 

● Rosters are limited to 18 players for 2013-2012 (9v9) 

● Rosters are limited to 22 players for 2005-2011 (11v11)



● Home teams will be identified as such on the schedule 

● Teams must bring two sets of jerseys 

● There will be NO COIN TOSS 

○ The HOME team will get choice of: 

■ Sidelines 

■ Side to defend 

■ Provide the game balls 

■ Change jerseys in the event of a color conflict 

■ Kickoff 

● Minimum # of players to start a game: 8 players for the 11v11 brackets ● Minimum # of players to start a game: 6 players for the 7v7 and 9v9 brackets ● No supporters are allowed behind the goals 


FIFA laws will be used, with the following exceptions and directives: 

Birth Year Duration Halftime Ball Size #Players 

2014 -2017 / 40 min / 5 /4/ 7v7 

2013-2012 / 50min /5 / 4 /9v9 

2011-2008 / 60min / 5 / 5 /11v11

2007-2005 / 70min / 5 /5 / 11v11 

● Substitutions are permitted on any stoppage, with the permission of the referee ● The referee may show yellow/red cards to coaches 

● The referee must record ALL cards (yellow/red) on the game report (including cards either shown or intended for coaches), as this is a tie-breaking item 

● In order to keep the schedule on time, the referee may end a game early, if there is only 5 minutes until the next scheduled game 

● The referee is permitted to add time to a game 

● In the event of a tie game in a final, the winner will be decided by “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” (no overtime periods will be played). To keep games on schedule, it may be necessary to move the Penalty Kick Shootout to a designated “shootout” goal. Any player, who has not been sent off, may be selected to participate in the “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” tie-breaker 

● Player Equipment 

○ Shin guards are required 

○ Casts – No hard casts. Soft casts are permitted with the permission of the referee ○ Goalkeepers may wear baseball-type caps with the approval of the referee 



● Referees will by USSF certified referees 

● All teams will be guaranteed three games. The format will consist of pool play leading to a Championship Game. Pool Play games can end in a tie. Unless the pool is made up of

five teams, in which case the winner of the pool will be declared the Champion and the second place team, the Finalist. 

● No team will play more than two games per day 

● Teams that are not ready to start their match on time will forfeit the game ● In the event of a game not going the full time, a game will be considered complete and official if it has completed at least the first half of play 

● In the event that the referee deems it necessary to abandon or terminate a game due to weather or safety issues, the Tournament Director has the authority to determine an alternative means to decide the outcome of the game. This could include Kicks from the Penalty Mark or another means 

● In the event that the referee terminates a game due to the behavior of the players, coaches, or spectators, then the Tournament Director has the authority to determine a winner based on the report of the referee and other Tournament Officials. For example, if a team is winning but displays a behavior that the referee deems to necessitate the termination of the game, that team could be sanctioned with a loss by forfeit 


● Game Reports should be reviewed carefully by the referee and the team representatives directly following the game for the accurate recording of scores and Disciplinary Cards (red cards and yellow cards), as these affect the scoring and tie-breaker system

 ● 10-point scoring system 

○ Win = 6 points 

○ Tie = 3 points 

○ Loss = 0 points 

○ Shutout = 1 point (exception: a 0-0 tie, earns only 3 points for the tie) ● Each goal scored = 1 point (up to a maximum of 3) 

● Deduction of 2 points for each Send Off (Red Card) to a player or coach

● A forfeit will be recorded as a 1-0 score. At the discretion of the Tournament Director, all games involving the forfeiting team can be adjusted to 1-0 scores 

● Tie-Breakers 

○ In the event of a tie in points for determining advancement out of pool play, the following tie-breakers will be used: 

○ Head-to-head 

○ Goal differential (Up to 3 Goals) 

○ Goals against 

○ Goals for 

○ Most shutouts 

○ Most Wins 

○ Fewest Send Offs (Red Cards), including coaches 

○ Fewest Cautions (Yellow Cards), including coaches 

● The Tournament Director will decide what tie-breaker to use -- either a coin toss or a Penalty Kick shootout, depending on logistical and timing limitations


● Pools of 8 teams - The Winner of each pool will advance to the Final Championship game. 

● Pools of 6 teams - The top 2 teams with the most points will advance to the Final Championship game. 

● Pools of 5 teams - There will be no final game. All teams will play 4 games. Champion will be the team with the most points, 

● Pools of 4 teams - The top 2 teams with the most points will advance to the Final Championship game. 

● Finalist will be the team with the 2nd most points. 

● In the event of a tie at the end of a Final Championship game. There will be NO overtime. The match will go straight to KFTPM. 


● Team and spectator conduct 

○ Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players, parents and spectators ● Players, Coaches and Team Administrators sent off or dismissed from a game will serve AT LEAST a one game suspension. The Tournament Director has the authority to suspend the individual for the remainder of the tournament if he deems it warranted. The Tournament Director can issue a spectator a game suspension due to undesirable behavior. It will be the responsibility of the coach to enforce such a suspension. Failure to do so can result in the team forfeiting 

● No Animals 

● No Smoking 

● No Artificial Noisemakers 

● No Alcohol 

● The Field Marshall will pull and hold cards for players and administrators sent off (red carded) or dismissed and return them upon eligibility or elimination from the tournament (unless an offense of a serious nature occurred, in which case the card, along with a report, will be sent to the appropriate jurisdiction) 


● Full refunds will be made to all teams not accepted 

● Teams must drop, in writing, prior to July 16, 2023 to receive a refund 

● Requests for withdrawals from the tournament will only be accepted from Administrators (Contact Person or Coach) listed on the team application for the tournament 

● Refunds provided to teams that drop prior to the deadline, will be assessed a $100.00 administrative fee 

● Teams that drop after the July 16,, 2023 deadline will forfeit their entire entry fee 

● If the tournament is cancelled as a result of weather or an Act of God, after July 16, 2023, teams will receive a full refund less an administrative fee of $100 

● No refunds will be given to teams that have an opponent that does not show up to a game.

● If the tournament is cancelled once it begins, refunds will be given according to the following schedule: 

○ Three Matches Played = No Refund 

○ Two Matches Played = $100 Refund 

○ One Match Played = $200 Refund 

○ Cancellation of All Matches = Full Refund, less $100 administrative fee 


● No protests will be considered 

● The Tournament Director or his designee has the authority to make decisions on any matters not specifically covered by these rules and regulations. Decisions by the referee may not be appealed. Decisions by the Tournament Director or his designee may not be appealed. All game results will be considered final and no protests will be allowed.