2019-2020 Season

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Year Team CSL Bracket Coach Email Phone Number
2012 FC Long Beach G12 Bronze Fabian Santillan 562.208.6950
2011 FC Long Beach G11 Bronze Adriana Santillan 562.607.7054
2010 FC Long Beach G10 Bronze Wilber Alvarez 213.598.7159
2008 FCLB G08 Bronze Adriana Santillan 562.607.7054
2009 FCLB G09 Red Silver Emelio de La Torre 323.595.8341
2007 FCLB G07 Red Silver Elite Mark Hervin 562.480.9335
2006 FCLB G06 Blue Silver Brent Tubbs 562.547.7429
2005 FCLB G05 Red Silver Emilio de La Torre 323.595.8341
2003 FCLB 03 Bronze Emilio de La Torre 323.595.8341
2002 FCLB G02 Blue Gold Ian McFadyen 949.533.3646
2002 FCLB G02 Red Silver Elite Matt Lunsford 562.480.9395



Year Team CSL Bracket Coach Email Phone Number
2013 FCLB B13 Bronze Mark Hervin 562.480.9335
2012 FC Long Beach B12 Bronze Isidoro Torres 562.326.8309
2011 FC Long Beach B11 Bronze Dany Serpas 323.359.4656
2010 FCLB B10 Blue Gold Mark Hervin 562.480.9335
2010 FCLB B10 Red Silver Dany Serpas 323.359.4656
2009 FCLB B09 Blue Bronze Isidoro Torres 562.326.8309
2008 FCLB B08 Blue Bronze Jose Novoa 562.243.0471
2008 FC Long Beach 08 Bronze Colin Miller 562.818.8234
2007 FCLB B07 Red Bronze Isidoro Torres 562.326.8309
2006 FCLB B06 Blue Bronze Dany Serpas 323.359.4656
2005 FCLB B05 Blue Silver West Jared Lehenbauer 562.569.4380
2004 FCLB B04 Red Silver Elite Isidro Torres 562.326.8309